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User adoption: the real challenge behind CRMs

Author: Carlos Martínez
October 22, 2022

A company’s decision to implement a CRM usually follows a two-step process. First, top management decides to invest in a CRM, and second, users decide to use the CRM. They both will anticipate benefits from CRM, such as improved visibility into the sales pipeline, improved productivity or improved profitability, and unless those benefits are delivered, CRM may be abandoned.

But, why do users adopt a CRM? According to Fred Davis and his 1980s model (TAM), people consider two factors as they decide whether or not to use new technology:


Perceived usefulness

The degree to which the person believes that using a particular technology would enhance his or her job performance.


Perceived ease-of-use

The degree to which the person believes that using a particular system would be free from effort.


This model has been widely confirmed and extended by exploring several determinants of these two factors. As a result, they found that social influence processes (influence of peers and image) and cognitive instrumental processes (job relevance, output quality, result demonstrability and perceived ease of use) all significantly influence user adoption.


So we can say that the more useful people think CRM is, and the easier to use, the stronger their intention to adopt it, but based on our experience providing Performance services, there are also other conditions that help drive successful CRM user adoption. Let's summarize them here:


  • Users find that the CRM is easy to use.
  • Users find the CRM useful: it fits well into all of their processes.
  • Availability of customized role-based training.
  • Users have accurate expectations about CRM.
  • Availability of post-implementation support.
  • Involvement of users during CRM project.
  • Top management support for CRM.

Achieving a higher CRM adoption rate may take time, but is possible. Tailor the CRM according to user needs, provide your team with ongoing training and support, and show them the real value of your CRM.

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