The Cost of Inaccurate Targeting in Marketing Campaigns
August, 9 2023 Carlos Martínez

In the modern era of digital marketing, where every click, conversion, and customer interaction can be tracked and analyzed, precision is king. Every...

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10 Ways to Waste Money by having an Inefficient CRM Data Management Process
August, 3 2023 Elvis Vilasboas Rosa

In the fast-paced business world, the efficiency and accuracy of your CRM data can make or break your success. A robust CRM system gives you...

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Maximizing CRM User Adoption: Challenges and Solutions
November, 23 2022 Carlos Martínez

CRM systems play a pivotal role in many businesses, streamlining customer relationships, sales processes, and a wealth of other crucial functions....

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User adoption: the real challenge behind CRMs
October, 22 2022 Carlos Martínez

A company’s decision to implement a CRM usually follows a two-step process. First, top management decides to invest in a CRM, and second, users...

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CRM Data Quality Dimensions
September, 22 2022 Carlos Martínez

Your CRM data often includes different types of errors that can be classified into groups called Dimensions. Dimensions of data quality simplifies...

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Understanding the Quality of your CRM data
August, 22 2022 Carlos Martínez

Quality data is key to success, right? Then a framework to effectively monitor data quality is essential to leverage data and turn it into actionable...

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Why do CRM Implementations fail?
July, 20 2022 Carlos Martínez

We all know stories about failed CRM implementations and, even if you don't, it is very easy to find reliable data about CRM failure rates which are...

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