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Why do CRM Implementations fail?

Author: Carlos Martínez
July 20, 2022

We all know stories about failed CRM implementations and, even if you don't, it is very easy to find reliable data about CRM failure rates which are as high as 50%. But, why do CRM initiatives fail? Based on our experience, we have learned along the way that there are some critical aspects to pay special attention during the implementation project. 

Of course there are several reasons why CRM projects fail, but I particularly find this pretty old HBR article to be one of the best to understand some of the top root causes behind these fails.


  • Assume that CRM is "a software tool that will manage customer relationships for you"
  • Implementing CRM before having a clear "Customer Strategy"
  • Delegate CRM to CIOs or IT managers as "it’s mostly technology"
  • Misalignment between CRM and the business processes "A CRM rollout will succeed only after the organization and its processes have been restructured in order to better meet customers’ needs"
  • Assume that CRM has to be "technology intensive"
  • Believe that "the software would sell itself to employees"


Each CRM implementation is different, but it's clear that avoiding the lack of strategy-aligned processes as well as involving the right people in the project, are the key to get the CRM off the ground.


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